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Avaya / Nortel Unified Communications Management

Dyna Lync Unified Communications Management Professional Services


Avaya Unified Communications Management is a web-based suite of applications that provides monitoring and configuration of Avaya and Nortel based servers and data systems.

It provides access to Element Manager, in terms of managing your voice telephone switches such as CS100, . This ensures that users can continue to have access to their switch to make Moves, Adds, and Changes and have terminal command line usage. Most Nortel users transitioning from Telephony Manager will most likely use these main features of UCM.

Dyna Lync provides UCM Professional Services such as pre-engineering, training and our industry leading Five Star Support.

NOTE: TM users who upgrade to a CS 1000 release greater than 6.0 should be aware that third party billing applications are required for Telecom Billing. We recommend you can look at Stradatel Premium’s Call Accounting module as a third party billing application.


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