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Avaya / Nortel Unified Communications Management - Tech Specs

Unified Communications Management Professional Services

Architecture compromises of five areas.

  • Users
  • Managemenet
  • Applications
  • Common Services
  • Operating System and Server Platforms

UCM Deployment Applications

UCM Deployment Applications can be installed or uninstalled by the administrator. The following applications can be installed.

  • Call Server
  • Element Manager
  • Subscriber Manager
  • Networking Routing Service
  • Signaling Server
  • Element Manager HS
  • SIP Line Server
  • Media Access Server
  • SIP Bridge
  • IM/Presence Server

Operating Systems

UCM has support for two operating systems. Linux Base which is RedHat Linux Enterprise 5.3 and VxWorks.

The VXWorks operating system must be installed locally using a manual method. It is supported on CP PM, CP IV, MGC, and VGMC platform servers.

Linux base installation can be performed using the UCM Deployment Server or a local manual installation. It supports CP PM, COTS, CP DC, CP MG platform servers.

UCM Infrastructure

UCM infrastructure includes the following components:

  • UCM Security Domain
  • Primary Security Server
  • Backup Security Server
  • Member Server
  • Elements

CS1000E High Scalability

  • UCM can be used with CS 1000E HS systems. This allows for simplified and centralized management of CS1000E systems in large networks.

Commercial Off The Shelf Servers

UCM can support third party servers. The following servers are supported.

  • IBM x306m
  • IBM x3350
  • HP DL 320 G4
  • Dell Poweredge R300
  • NOTE: Not all servers support all types of UCM

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