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Avaya / Nortel Unified Communications Management

Unified Communications Management Professional Services

Element Manager

Element Manager provides access to all the main features of your CS 1000 phone switch. Users can learn to have full control of their system by accessing phone provisioning, maintenance loads, virtual terminal, changing the date/time among other things.

Subscriber Manager

Subscriber Manager is a centralized management system of your subscribers (users) and there services. This can span multiple systems and PBXs. The subscriber manager can be linked with Active Directory.

Included Features:

  • Allow use and synchronization of corporate user databases to simplify managing users and access
  • Focus on security to have a secure and fully operational network
  • Allows centralized access of a CS1000 network
  • Common intuitive web based interface
  • Single login to manage all your systems
  • Third party support for development of UCM web services
  • Private Certificate Authority with X.509 certificate management
  • Monitoring via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Offers a common look and feel across applications
  • Enables navigation to all management applications with single sign-on and centralized authentication
  • Provides integrated workflows for managing unified communications networks
  • Decreases the learning curve for IT personnel
  • Delivers simplified deployment and system administration configuration
  • Offers deployment flexibility (e.g., standalone, integrated, branch resiliency)

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