Traffic Studies for M1 and CS1000 Nortel Platforms

The Dyna Lync Traffic Voice and Data Analysis services will help you track and monitor your voice telephony usage, with allowing you to identify the optimal resource levels required to maintain the target service levels you demand within your organization.

The analysis reports will handle these six areas of interest:

-Trunk Data
-Attendant Console Analysis
-Attendant “What if Scenarios” and loop measurements
-D-Channel Activities
-Feature Set Activities
-Processor Load

These reports can be delivered in numerous formats such as PDF, HTML, Excel and CSV. This information will be emailed with an attachment or printed out and delivered.

Note: With the industry focused on VoIP and Unified Communication solution, it’s very important for customers to understand the current and projected traffic load on their data and voice networks. This will allow the customer to provision for future requirements and expansion.

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