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OTM(Optivity TM)/ Telephony Manager 3.2 - Rates and Tarriffs

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Rates & Tariffs

Choosing to keep your tariff tables updated is a good investment today, more than ever. Rates and tariffs enhance the value of your call accounting system by providing more accurate reporting. Accurate call accounting reports will impact how you allocate telecommunications costs, and will assist in pinpointing misuse and abuse, as well as track abusive calls. This will result in reduced costs and increased employee productivity.

Call Accounting Reporting

If your organization chooses to do without updating tariff tables, then citynames for new exchanges and state names for new area codes will be missingon reports. This will result in incorrect reporting and will make harder to identify specific call patterns, pinpoint abuse and accurately cost calls. Updated tariffs provide a way to compare your call accounting usage reports against your actual carrier bills and help identify Telco billing errors.

Local Exchanges

Throughout the US, thousands of local exchanges are added to the telecom landscape every year. The updated DynaLync tariff tables will identify these exchanges for you, ensuring the accurate identification of calling patterns to track misuse, abuse and fraud.

Area Codes

In United States, Canada and around the world, hundreds of new area codes have been implemented since 1995, affecting thousands of local exchanges. For more information about the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA). Click here to visit NANPA.

Without tariff updates accounting for the new area codes and exchanges, your call accounting system will not properly identify calls to these areas as local or long distance, which would produce inaccurate call costing.

Flat Rate/Negotiated Long Distance Rates

As Long Distance prices drop, more and more organizations are utilizing flat rate costing, with volume discounts for their LD calls. DynaLync understands these realities, and prepares accurate tariffs, which are key to determining interstate, intrastate, interlata and intralata calls for accurate call costing.

Tariff Tables

DynaLync Telecom Inc. provides more than 170 standard tariff tables. New tariffs are added all the time, so contact your DyanLync account rep to see if yours is covered.

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