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OTM(Optivity TM)/ Telephony Manager 3.2 - Implementation

Dyna Switch

OTM/TM Implemenation Services

TM Pre-Engineering Services:

The "Pre-Engineering Service" is critical to any TM project. This is where Dyna Lync Telecom brings their many years of experience on the data side to the forefront. We provide the technical experience and network knowledge to ensure that all the TM requirements are in place and ready for installation and configuration of TM.

  • Network Advisement
  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • Data Communications, LAN / WAN
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • TM Web Services Security and Encryption
  • TM User Security via LDAP, Domain Controller or TM Server.
  • The Pre-Engineering of TM is performed prior to any on-site services. We also work along side the distributors and their project manager.

TM Coordination and Installation Services:

  • Coordination and Installation Services provide TM dedicated technical resources to perform all TM Project requirements:
  • Simple pre-installation guidelines and coordination process
  • Installation of TM software in a client/server configuration
  • Configuration of TM applications and peripheral software/components
  • Configuration of TM network systems
  • Verification of direct and Ethernet connectivity to Meridian PBX
  • Final report acceptance of TM services completed

TM Training Services:

We provide comprehensive standard and customized TM training courses.

  • Experienced TM Trainers
  • Formal Class Room Training
  • Customized Training Courses
  • Dealer TM Technical and Sales Training
  • Onsite TM Training

If you are interested in our TM Training Services, please click on the Training Tab.

TM Online Implementation Services:

In the spirit of cost savings, Dyna Lync Telecom has always offered our Online Implementation Services. This service offers the full array of Implementation services from co-ordination and installation to configuration and training while eliminating the associated travel costs to have an TM Specialist onsite. Through the use of eBLVD; an online collaboration service, you will work with a dedicated TM Specialist who will perform the implementation and deliver comprehensive training right from your own system. We consider an onsite Specialist very valuable; although, if this approach makes it more feasible, you can rest assured that you will receive premium implementation services.

TM Support Services:

We are dedicated and focus on customer satisfaction and in simplifying their full spectrum of TM needs. We are here to advise and help our customers through the technical support required to educate and resolve any difficult situation that arise. If you are interested in the TM Support Services, please click here TM Support.

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