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OTM(Optivity Telephony Manager)/ Telephony Manager 3.2 - Benefits

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  • Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager provides a suite of valuable management tools that allow configuration, control and management of Meridian 1 and Communication Server 1000 systems. By utilizing a single management interface for both Meridian 1 and Communication Server 1000, you can feel confident that your investment in a Nortel management solution is protected throughout the evolution of your network.
  • Management of remote systems can be simplified with Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager, using either a Windows or a Web interface for day-to-day management tasks. All communications are conducted over IP so that systems can be managed from a central location. The Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager Web interface provides you with even greater flexibility in managing remote systems. The Web interface includes station administration tools, maintenance capabilities, alarm management, end-user station help and troubleshooting tools, billing/usage reports and a systems terminal emulator.
  • The Call Tracking application is a real-time call monitoring application that will help in the detection of unauthorized access. Some of the parameters that can be identified within Call Tracking include calls exceeding a certain duration or calls made at unusual hours. Call Tracking can also be configured to monitor a specific extension so that usage abuse can be identified.
  • The Telecom Billing System is a fully integrated call costing and reporting application. It provides over 50 pre-defined reporting options for internal department or customer/tenant bill back. In addition, costed information from other sources, such as cellular phone bills or pager bills, can be imported into the Telecom Billing Systems so that a consolidated bill/report can be created. It can also be used as an effective usage monitoring tool. The Telecom Billing System Web reports can be made available to a variety of different users (administrators, managers, employees, etc.). This is terrific way to provide usage reports and bills to departments or organizations on a regular basis.
  • The Traffic Analysis application provides a flexible reporting tool for analyzing system resources and determining future expansion requirements. Over 70 predefined reports and graphs are available to examine information such as trunk usage, peak periods, processor loads and loop traffic.
  • Station Administration provides a simple to use interface for configuring and managing stations. Administrators can configure telephone sets, program features and assign DNs and TNs for single sets or groups of telephones. Pre-defined telephone templates can be created to simplify the day-to-day configuration process and global changes can be made to a large number of telephones with a single operation. Station Administration also includes many predefined reporting options as well as a report generator so that reports can be customized to meet specific needs.
  • Directory reporting options allow you to generate customized directory reports for data verification or to simply create a company phone directory. There are approximately 100 different data field options, including the subscriber name, extension, location and department.
  • Inventory reporting provided with Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager will save you time by providing a list of your systems current inventory. Administrators can generate inventory reports for multiple systems from Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager without having to leave their desk.
  • LDAP synchronization provides a mechanism to synchronize Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager directory information with an LDAP compliant directory server. LDAP synchronization enables businesses to link multiple, separate directories so that common information is shared. LDAP integration reduces the day-to-day data entry costs associated with keeping corporate directory databases current.
  • With Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager Alarm Management, downtime and lost revenue can be minimized. Administrators can use the Web Alarm Browser to prioritize, sort and view system alarms. In addition to monitoring alarms for Meridian 1 and Communication Server 1000 systems, Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager can be configured to manage multiple Nortel telephony devices, including CallPilot and Symposium Call Center Server. Administrators can also be notified when a critical alarm is received by the Communication Server 1000 Telephony Manager server. SNMP traps can also be forwarded to Enterprise Network Management System and HP Openview for a consolidated view of both voice and data alarms.
  • ESN Analysis is an application that was designed to assist users in configuring, analyzing and managing large ESN (least cost routing) networks. This application includes tools for creating ESN data, analyzing and modifying existing ESN data. Additionally, existing ESN data can be copied, modified and then uploaded to new systems, potentially saving hours of data entry time.

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