OTM / Telephony Manager 3.2 - TM Assessment

Dyna Switch

OTM/TM Assessment

Dyna Lync Telecom - A Nortel TM Services Partner

Dyna Lync Telecom provides Telephony Manager Professional Services as a Nortel Telephony Manager Service Partner. We are North America's premium experts on Nortel Telephony Manager and Optivity Telephony Manager. We will help you understand Nortel’s management software for their Meridian & VoIP PBXs.

Having issues with your TM System?

Let Dyna Lync Telecom – the Telephony Manager Specialists perform a TM Assessment of your system. After the assessment, we will provide you with the repair services to ensure a Healthy TM.

TM Assessment Services:

  • TM Specialist will remotely accesses your TM System
  • Checks the TM Requirements & Identifies issues that need to be repaired
  • Creates an assessment report covering the issues with the estimated time needed to repair the system
  • Provides recommendations for improving TM usage.
  • The report is sent to the customer
  • After the assessment and the repair work, Dyna Lync offers an industry recognized TM Five Star support package.

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