Telecom Expense Management

With larger companies processing as many as 15,000 telecom-related bills per year, and smaller businesses spending significant hours on billing each year, it is no wonder companies are turning to managed services which can automate TEM systems. Managed Services TEM saves manpower and increases accuracy. Because businesses can afford to audit only a small percentage of invoices, it is difficult to find errors. In fact, many accounting departments pay any bill within ten percent of the previous month. TEM software can save companies significant dollars, as it allows for each bill to be compared to contracts and actual usage, making it easy to catch overcharges errors, toll fraud and employee abuse.  As a buyer of telecom expense management services, you have many choices to consider. To start any new relationship between client and provider requires a leap of faith. How do you decide which telecommunication consultants to trust?  We at Dyna Lync believe in Accountability

Accountability is the ability to explore a situation from multiple perspectives, from the big picture to the smallest individual detail. Our proprietary, web-based Telecom Expense Management Software gives you that power. It provides total access, down to the location, department, team and even individual employee of your choice. This powerful tool maximizes accountability; you can analyze communications costs with improved accuracy, guaranteeing the budgetary control you need to drive tomorrow’s growth.

Have you ever thought...

"I don't have the time to process Call Detail Reports."
"Our Call Accounting needs are simple and we want to reduce our cost!"
"Can't we get customized reports to meet our specific needs?"

With extensive Call Accounting experience, Dyna Lync's dependable Call Accounting Services (Service Bureau) delivers important Call Detail information while meeting the unique needs of your business.

Dyna Lync Telecom’s superior reputation for service is extended to Communications Billing with our Managed Communications Billing Services, built on a foundation of flexibility and appreciation for our clients needs.

Corporate Cost Allocation

It is important that you ensure responsible use of the corporate telecom resources while allocating telecom costs back to the proper divisions and departments. In addition, you need an effective way to communicate this to your organization, all while minimizing your time and any costs associated.

Shared Office Reporting and Invoicing Service

As a shared office operation, you need to meet the unique needs of your clients and time sensitive requests. In addition to Call Detail Reports, you need invoices tailored to your company automatically generated for your clients. You need a flexible service provider with the same appreciation for your clients as you have. Our Managed Call Accounting Services has been built on a foundation of flexibility and appreciation for our clients needs. Our vast experience and client list demonstrates our commitment to your Call Accounting needs.

Our Managed Call Accounting Services include:

  • -A buffer box per phone switch, providing the security for the collection of your Call Detail Records (supporting any PBX).
  • -Daily collection of your Call Detail Records and archiving services to ensure the information is kept safe and available as needed.
  • -Directory Services to ensure we work with the most recent directory and your reports are most meaningful.
  • -A secured online website to dynamically view your Call Accounting reports.
  • -Printedd reports and/or invoices as needed (if required).
  • -Electronic file on CD.

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