Dyna Lync Telecom's PACS Division

Dyna Lync Telecom PACS division is offering the best in Nortel Services Solutions. Believing that North America should be more structured for Nortel Dealers to offer a cost effective solution; Dyna Lync has created this Structured-Channel to fill that need. Nortel projects that cross the United States and Canadian border is the division mission.

The PACS division provides the ease of a “one-stop shop” for all services and support that Nortel Dealers require. The division is comprised of DLT Nortel Certified Technicians, who have more than 25 years experience working with the Nortel Enterprise, and its partners, that together bring Nortel dealers the flexibility of outsourcing all Nortel projects through one point of contact. By applying such logistical resources and competitive pricing, the PACS division provides cost-effective Nortel service solutions.

Products Serviced

* Norstar
* Meridian 1
* CS1000
* Succession
* Call Pilot
* Symposium Call Center
* OTM & TM 3.0
* Trunk & Internet Telephony Gateway
* Integrated Voice Response
* Meridian Mail
* Meridian Integrated Personal
* Call Director
* Integrated Conference Bridge
* Norstar CallPilot
* Norstar Computer Telephony Adaptor


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