Nortel Call Pilot


CallPilot 4.0 provides a variety of new unified messaging features, as well as Cost of Ownership improvements designed to help reduce on-going management and maintenance costs.
CallPilot is a unified messaging application for businesses using Meridian 1 PBX phone systems, Meridian SL-100, Communication Server 1000, and CPE Centrex systems. It combines voicemail, e-mail and fax messages into a single mailbox — accessible by phone, any desktop PC, or mobile e-mail enabled devices (PDAs).
CallPilot Unified messaging provides a compelling solution for businesses that are looking at reducing costs, improving productivity, and staying connected to their customers and suppliers.

Key Features:

Provides access to e-mail, faxes, and voicemail from any touchtone phone, desktop PC e-mail client, browser-enabled PC, or mobile e-mail enabled device.

Does not impact e-mail servers or generate high volumes of LAN or WAN traffic.

Can be used in a variety of client environments, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Internet mail clients including Netscape and Qaulcom Eudora Pro, Macintosh, Linux, and Citrix environments.

Mobility packages provide access to e-mail by phone (Text-To-Speech - TTS) and voice commands (Speech Activated Messaging - SAM) for hands-free access to messages.

Delivers Web-based administration and end-user mailbox administration from any Web-enabled PC.


Dyna Lync Telecom offers Installation, configuration and training for Nortel Call pilot. With 13 years experience of providing IT & Telecommunication services, we have the CallPilot Certified specialists available.

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