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With years of customer service experience, we apply our unparalleled technical knowledge to service you, the people who make communications happen. With many responsibilities and limited time, you need the best technical assistance and on your terms. You need Dyna Lync Telecoms Support Services! Not only does our Support Services include a live call centre, but you also receive access to MyITPortal, our online request management portal.

With MyITPortal, you are liberated to submit requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be kept well informed of the progress of your requests and you will be ensured the best expertise possible. Concerned about patches being released for your specific environment? With MyITPortal, not only will you receive notification of new patches, you also have exclusive online access to patches with comprehensive instructions.
Dyna Lync Telecoms Support Services is the perfect blend of experience, knowledge and commitment to deliver everything you need to maintain a healthy system.


Our 5 Star Support Services
Telephony Manager Five Star Support Star 800 Number to our call center of Telephony Manager Specialists
Telephony Manager Five Star Support Star
Online Request Management Portal Access
(Customers submit requests while being kept well informed automatically through email notification of the progress)
Telephony Manager Five Star Support Star Quarterly Newsletter
(Identifying common issues and providing friendly reminders on Telephony Manager)
Telephony Manager Five Star Support Star Quarterly Health Checks
(A Telephony Manager Specialist contacts the customer quarterly to proactively ensure a healthy Telephony Manager system)
Telephony Manager Five Star Support Star
Proactive Patch Notifications
(Customers receive notice of patch releases(OTM/TM ONLY)with ability to install from Online Portal)

MyITPortal users can click here to access the system

Our staff:

We are experts on Telephony Manager and experienced in voice and data networking, PC hardware and software and M1 related equipment. Our friendly, professional staff are easy to get in touch with and responsive to your needs.

Our unique online portal service:

Tickets can be opened online by logging into our online request management system. Our technical staff are notified instantly when a ticket has been opened online and respond quickly with answers. Through our portal service, you can report issues, monitor our progress including time to resolution and receive instant email updates.

How we support our customers:

Our support can consist of phone conversation, email or dial up / VPN access to your Telephony Manager server for maintenance and configuration.

Proactive Nortel Telephony Manager support services:

Our quarterly newsletter offers insight into Telephony Manager, including questions we’ve been commonly asked as well as reminders to archive call data and install patches. Further, because our priority is our customers, expect a quarterly check up call from our technical staff.

Technical advice:

Many Telephony Manager users are unaware of the many possibilities that Telephony Manager can be used for besides for telecom management. Let us inform you on how to set up Telephony Manager for LDAP synchronization, how to implement Telephony Manager for transferring your first level telecom calls to your help desk using Telephony Manager’s web services, and let us explain how Telephony Manager can best be used to meet your organization’s particular needs.

Find out why we are earning the reputation for being the Telephony Manager experts!


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