Data Migration - Avaya/Nortel Voice Data System Migration PBX issues that occur during

a transition from an older PBX to a PBX running software release 7.5

Dyna Lync provides a PBX data migration integrated service to save you time, resources and money. This particular service allows you to transfer your systems Telephone sets and configuration data from an Avaya/Nortel Meridian 1 or CS1000K PBX running earlier releases of software to the latest systems running release 7.5. We will gather all that data from the older systems and have that information imported in to our internal software application tools, that allow us to transmit and upload the information back in to the new PBX running release 7.5.

Note: Our professional services team will work hand and hand with your experienced technicians to make sure you have the data integrity and consistency. This will allow for a smooth transition of data.

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