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Vigilant Alarm Management Solution

Dyna Switch


Successful Administration and Maintenance of your telecommunications network through TM is dependent upon well-trained, knowledgeable staff. At Dyna Lync Telecom, we understand what your staff needs to know to ensure smooth operation of TM and your telecommunications equipment.

Tech Training

  • Installation of buffer box
  • Using the buffer box as a pass-through to PBX (if necessary)
  • Overview of the Status screen (in Vigilant Website)
  • Alarms Ticketing
  • Alarm logs (through Vigilant Website)
  • Snoozing and closing of alarms (through Vigilant Website)

Admin Training (Vigilant Web Training)

  • Overview and Configuration of Dealer information (working hours, alarm setting, etc)
  • Overview and Configuration of Staff
  • Configuration of Clients and Components
  • Configuration of Notification Schedule
  • Overview of alarm status screen and alarm log
  • Overview of assigning, snoozing and closing of alarm tickets

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