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Vigilant Alarm Management Solution

Dyna Switch

For a low cost, enjoy the ability to:

  • Effectively monitor multiple customers with a multi-site environment.
  • Ensure you won’t miss important alarms with our “multipoint solution monitoring” plus escalation.
  • Optimize your staff’s efforts with a variety of features such as “Snooze-ability”, mobility, schedules and a built in ticketing system.

Key Features:

  • Convenience of silencing an alarm as needed with our ‘Snooze’ feature, ensuring clear communication of urgent alarms.
  • Minimal customer infrastructure required, since communication is done via phone line or an Internet connection.
  • Flexibility to define important alarms with new Alarm levels allowing multiple schedules. Only system critical alarms will wake your staff.
  • Simple Tracking/Dispatching view.
  • A built-in ticketing system, tracking information such as who alarms are assigned to, date and time of the alarm, occurrences and actions taken for the alarm.
  • Flexibility to assign technicians to various shifts by company and site. Tailor the procedure to the way you operate.
  • Manage multiple customers with multiple sites with ease.
  • “Multipoint solution monitoring”, ensuring a very reliable solution.
  • Enjoy multilevel reporting along with informative management report to help optimize efforts.
  • Flexible user security structure.
  • Web based interface for both administrators and users.
  • Full activity log including maintenance for last 15 days to assist in determining source of problems.
  • Quick assign and close all tickets for a component.

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