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Halex OnC@ll

Halex On C@ll

OnC@ll works from any global location. It is ideal for distributed agents and supervisors with its fully integrated web interface. Its non-proprietary, platform-independent software is unlike the multi-server hardware systems from proprietary vendors. OnC@ll's unified interaction control interface enables agents and remote agents to manage calls and interactions from the desktop, and get more done in less time. OnC@ll provides all the tools needed to make your business run smoothly:

  • The manageability and control of information to provide supervisors and managers with real-time decision support.The capability to add new services such as IVR, call recording or CRM integration that greatly enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Improve your contact center operations with real-time quality monitoring, performance management tools, system and agent reporting, interaction tracking, multi-site routing, and plenty of integration options.

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