Dyna Lync Telecom Technology Partners

Genesis Systems is a software development company established in the early 1980's that specializes in telecommunications related software products. All of Genesis employees are industry professionals with extensive experience in the field.The first Genesis system was installed in 1984 and today there are thousands in use worldwide managing from several to 4500+ phones and processing from a few calls to hundreds of thousands of calls per day. Installations include hotels, motels, lawyers, government offices, hospitals, accountants, large and small businesses, etc.


Asentria manufactures ASCII data monitoring and collection devices, referred to as our TeleManagement product line, used in the collection of CDR/SMDR, alarm, traffic and ACD data for TeleManagement and call accounting applications. Additional applications include PBX alarm monitoring and reporting, and remote console port access to devices for programming and maintenance purposes. The Data-Link Pollable Remote Access Unit is designed to aid in the integration of telephony and computer networking by providing network access to remote phone room or computer room equipment. This provides a means of polling telephony data via the network or the Internet, and allowing network managers to monitor and maintain this equipment using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Scannex provides products ranging from simple RS232 buffers to intelligent network devices, uniquely offering automatic and easy installation. These products are primarily targetted at the PBX CDR/SMDR, alarms, and switch administration (Moves and Changes) markets.
All products include Scannex's proprietary RS232 technology that automatically resolves pin outs, data speed and protocol.

Voice and data telecommunications systems comprise about 30% of the average business's operating costs. At TelDesign, we work with business managers to ensure they know what voice and data infrastructure is in place, understand whether it is optimally used, and can measure the business value that it delivers.

Built for Community Living/Social Services

GoEasyCare automates over 90% of all the calling required to fill vacant shifts. Calling looking for people to work shifts is very time consuming, especially when you need to follow specific organization or union rules. Let us do the work and you invest those spare hours back into more important tasks.